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03.07 - 2020.   Category: Sand, salt, minerals
Bloody beaches: sand, salt and minerals from Western Sahara  NB! THIS ARTICLE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION AS OF JULY 2020
04.12 - 2019.   Category: Archive 2019
Conflict beach taking shape in Canary Islands

The construction work on the controversial beach of Mogán in Gran Canary started 2 December.
01.12 - 2019.   Category: Archive 2019
Conflict sand to cover Canary beachic_mogan2_610.jpgThe bay of Mogán at Gran Canary Island will next week be covered in conflict sand from occupied Western Sahara.
30.06 - 2017.   Category: Archive 2017
Here is Dura Bulk unloading Western Sahara sand in Tenerifeic_dura_bulk_6_26_jun_17_610x200.jpgSand exports from occupied Western Sahara to Spain continue unabated.
30.05 - 2017.   Category: Archive 2017
Protests in Palma de Mallorca against sand importsic_southwester2_610.jpgAbout thirty persons gathered at the docks of Palma de Mallorca to protest the unloading of sand from occupied Western Sahara.
27.08 - 2013.   Category: Archive 2013
Sand exports from occupied Western Sahara to Las Palmas continueic_trio_vega_24.08.2013_610x200px.jpgWSRW has received photos of the vessel 'Trio Vega' loading sand in the harbour of El Aaiun, the capital of occupied Western Sahara.
10.10 - 2012.   Category: Archive 2012
WSRW calls for referral of Saharawi natural resources to the ICJWSRW presented its recommendations to the UN General Assembly's Fourth Committee yesterday.
05.10 - 2011.   Category: Archive 2011
The dirty sand of Canary Islands’ beachesic_teresitas_610.jpgFor decades, the Canary Islands have been importing sand from the occupied territory of Western Sahara. Although the imports went down during the financial crisis, the import has increased considerably during the last 10 years. Read the history of a theft which is hardly ever mentioned.
12.06 - 2011.   Category: Archive 2004-2006
Guardian: The betrayal of a forgotten people, 2006The EU has voted to steal fish from the displaced people of Western Sahara, writes columnist John Hilary, 17 May 2006.
14.10 - 2009.   Category: Archive 2009
WSRW calls for UN plunder observation At the UN Fourth Committee on Decolonization held in New York on 6-12 October, WSRW called for the United Nations to send a Mission of Observation to Western Sahara, to monitor the natural resource exploitation from the territory.
20.03 - 2009.   Category: Archive 2009
Denounced plundering to UN Human Rights CouncilFrance Libertés: Fondation Danielle Mitterrand - an NGO with special consultative status in the Human Rights Council - has submitted a written statement to the council denouncing the plundering of Western Sahara.
26.12 - 2008.   Category: Archive 2008
Madeira steals another beachic_machico_610.jpgMadeira has constructed a second artificial beach. Just as before, the sand is originating from occupied Western Sahara.
12.07 - 2008.   Category: Archive 2008
This beach has been shipped from an occupied countryic_calheta_610.jpgThis fake beach on Madeira is made of sand from occupied Western Sahara. In May/June, the beach was fortified with another 2800 tonnes. Portuguese bloggers wonder why.
09.02 - 2008.   Category: Archive 2008
Stealing sand from Saharaic_west_sky_610.jpgHere is the vessel West Sky caught on camera while loading sand in the occupied Western Sahara.


Morocco occupies the major part of its neighbouring country, Western Sahara. Entering into business deals with Moroccan companies or authorities in the occupied territories gives an impression of political legitimacy to the occupation. It also gives job opportunities to Moroccan settlers and income to the Moroccan government. Western Sahara Resource Watch demands foreign companies leave Western Sahara until a solution to the conflict is found.
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It's not easy keeping up with all the different legal proceedings relating to Western Sahara. For the sake of clarity, here's an overview of the five different cases at the Court of Justice of the European Union.
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