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09.08 - 2018.   Category: News
Bitcoins behind giant wind farm controversy in occupied Western Saharaic_bitcoin.jpgNew York based private equity firm, Brookstone Partners, is reportedly set to build a highly controversial 900 megawatt wind farm in Dakhla, in the south of occupied Western Sahara.
02.02 - 2018.   Category: Archive 2018
Siemens fails to respond Western Sahara question at AGMic_khadja_siemens_610.jpgWhy did you not seek permission from my people?, a Saharawi refugee asked at Siemens AGM. Company fails to answer questions why it operates on occupied land.
22.01 - 2018.   Category: Archive 2018
German government not supportive of business in Western Sahara ic_siemens52_610.jpgThe German government has clarified that no export credit guarantees can be given to projects in Western Sahara.
11.12 - 2017.   Category: Countries
Italian firms
07.12 - 2017.   Category: Archive 2017
Siemens: the Moroccan king's wind turbine supplier in Western Saharaic_siemens_gamesa.jpgWSRW has again asked Siemens to clarify how they’ve obtained the consent of the people of Western Sahara to their involvement in literally all of Morocco’s wind power plans in the occupied territory.
31.10 - 2017.   Category: Archive 2017
Moroccan wind energy in occupied Western Sahara passing 40%ic_map_wind_energy_okt2017_610x200.jpgEven more wind farms are being planned in occupied Western Sahara, and all of them are in the portfolio of the Moroccan monarch's company NAREVA.
30.10 - 2017.   Category: Archive 2017
UK company building wind park in occupied Western Saharaic_windhoist_aftissat.jpgMorocco and Siemens press on with their plans to generate energy in the human rights black-spot that is Western Sahara: the first controversial wind farm near Boujdour is expected to be operational in December 2018, built by a UK company.
01.09 - 2017.   Category: Archive 2017
Saharawi organisations slam EU over trade talks with Moroccoic_smara_14.04.2016_610.jpg"Seeking to circumvent the ECJ’s ruling, directly challenges the credibility of the EU, and significantly damages the potential for progress through the UN-led negotiation process", Saharawi groups qualify the EU's talks with Morocco regarding Western Sahara trade, in their letter to the EU's Foreign Affairs Chief.
10.07 - 2017.   Category: Archive 2017
Siemens inconsistently supporting occupationsic_siemens42_609.jpgWhile the German industrial mastodon has no problems in delivering turbines to the area of Western Sahara that is under Moroccan occupation, it goes out of its way to distance itself from similar deliveries to Crimea.
05.05 - 2017.   Category: Archive 2017
Enel considers involvement in occupied Western Sahara non-politicalic_siemens_enel_610x200.jpgThe Italian renewable energy corporation Enel Green Energy evades questions by civil society about its operations on occupied land.
03.03 - 2017.   Category: Archive 2017
The Vigeo Eiris shock: from ethics to occupationic_vigeoeiris_b_610.jpgThe UK-French company Vigeo Eiris advising investors on the occupations of Palestine and Crimea is facilitating the Moroccan government’s energy projects in occupied Western Sahara. The ethical investor community is baffled. Read all here.
13.02 - 2017.   Category: Archive 2017
Siemens dodges questions on Saharawi consent
Why does Siemens not seek the consent of the Saharawis to operate on their land? At the company's Annual Shareholders Meeting, the company failed to answer.

02.02 - 2017.   Category: Archive 2017
EU looks to avoid energy imports from Western Saharaic_miguel-arias-canete.jpgThe European Commission recognizes the importance of respecting "the separate and distinct status of the territory of Western Sahara" when considering energy imports from Morocco.
09.11 - 2016.   Category: Archive 2016
UNFCCC seeks answers from Morocco on parliamentarian expulsionA spokesman for UNFCCC told media that it has requested answer from the organisers of COP22 on why they kicked out the vice-president of the PanAfrican-Parliament.
07.11 - 2016.   Category: Archive 2016
Moroccan Foreign Affairs Minister namedrops invasion at COP22 openingic_mezouar_610.jpgMorocco's minister of foreign affairs - as expected - today propagated about his country's occupation of Western Sahara during the opening statement of COP22.

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Morocco occupies the major part of its neighbouring country, Western Sahara. Entering into business deals with Moroccan companies or authorities in the occupied territories gives an impression of political legitimacy to the occupation. It also gives job opportunities to Moroccan settlers and income to the Moroccan government. Western Sahara Resource Watch demands foreign companies leave Western Sahara until a solution to the conflict is found.
EU Court cases on Western Sahara for dummies


It's not easy keeping up with all the different legal proceedings relating to Western Sahara. For the sake of clarity, here's an overview of the five different cases at the Court of Justice of the European Union.
Stand up for the Gdeim Izik 25!


Leading activists from Western Sahara are condemned to sentences ranging from 20 years to life imprisonment in connection to a mass protest in 2010 denouncing the Saharawi people’s social and economic marginalization in their occupied land; the Gdeim Izik protest camp.
Support Western Sahara Resource Watch


Help us to protect the natural resources of Western Sahara for the Saharawi people. Support our work by making a donation.
Report: Moroccan green energy used for plunder


At COP22, beware of what you read about Morocco’s renewable energy efforts. An increasing part of the projects take place in the occupied territory of Western Sahara and is used for mineral plunder, new WSRW report documents. News Archive 2018 News Archive 2017 News Archive 2016 News Archive 2015 News Archive 2014 News Archive 2013 News Archive 2012 News Archive 2011 News Archive 2010 News Archive 2009 News Archive 2008 News Archive 2007 News Archive 2004-2006

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