Morocco's P for Politics in Africa1945-2017_610.jpg
24.03 - 2017 10:26
Morocco has started using its phosphate resources to expand influence on the African continent. The phosphate rock could have been central in the country’s accession to the African Union.
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Kosmos with extensive seismic studies off occupied Western Sahara23.03 - 2017
Kosmos Energy and Cairn Energy have over the last weeks undertaken another round of seismic studies offshore Western Sahara. The vessels' movements indicate the location for a new possible drilling site. Read more
African Union asks Morocco to not sign Western Sahara deals23.03 - 2017
The Peace and Security Council  of the African Union this week asked its new member, Morocco, to not carry out further exploration and exploitation of the natural resources in Western Sahara. Read more

French government dilutes Court of Justice conclusion 20.03 - 2017
A note sent from French government to the French parliamentarians in Brussels today casts doubts on whether France has studied the judgment at all. Debate on live TV takes place now. Read more
Spain confirms: EU-Morocco trade deal not for Western Sahara goods17.03 - 2017
The Spanish government in a statement yesterday confirmed the EU court's judgement that Western Sahara goods are not covered by the EU-Morocco trade deal. Spain states it is up to France to make sure the controversial trade of fish oil from 'Key Bay' vessel was properly tariffed.Read more

New controversial energy infrastructure to be built in Western Sahara dakhla_610_x_200.jpg
17.03 - 2017
The Moroccan government has opened for a relatively large tender in Dakhla.
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New publication on the EU and Western Sahara16.03 - 2017
This is how you order the book "The European Union Approach Towards Western Sahara".Read more
Morocco lobbies for toxic metals in EU agriculture10.03 - 2017
Fertilizers exported by Morocco contains dangerous levels of the heavy metal cadmium. Morocco now tries to prevent the EU from implementing regulations to limit the carcinogenic element.Read more

Basque parliament asks companies to stay clear from Western Sahara 08.03 - 2017
A declaration from the parliament of the Basque Country asked its companies to stay away from the occupied territory. Read more
The Vigeo Eiris shock: from ethics to occupation03.03 - 2017
The UK-French company Vigeo Eiris advising investors on the occupations of Palestine and Crimea is facilitating the Moroccan government’s energy projects in occupied Western Sahara. The ethical investor community is baffled. Read all here. Read more

Glencore steps up oil search offshore occupied Western Sahara bgp_prospector_15.02.2017_610.jpg
15.02 - 2017
The Swiss company is undertaking more seismic studies and has entered into a renewed contract on a neighbouring block, offshore the occupied territory.
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Siemens dodges questions on Saharawi consent13.02 - 2017
Why does Siemens not seek the consent of the Saharawis to operate on their land? At the company's Annual Shareholders Meeting, the company failed to answer.Read more
This cargo from occupied Western Sahara is now to arrive France10.02 - 2017
The second confirmed shipment of products from Western Sahara into the EU is a fact. Destination: Normandy, France. Read more

Danish company stops salt imports from Western Sahara09.02 - 2017
The exports of salt from Western Sahara to Denmark has now stopped. The Danish salt importer Dansk Vejsalt has declared that it will no longer be importing de-icing salt from the occupied territory.Read more
EU looks to avoid energy imports from Western Sahara02.02 - 2017
The European Commission recognizes the importance of respecting "the separate and distinct status of the territory of Western Sahara" when considering energy imports from Morocco.Read more

Key Bay unloaded all cargo in Fécamp, Francekey_bay_44_610.jpg
25.01 - 2017
Upon arrival to Ghent, Belgium, tomorrow, the controversial vessel Key Bay - transporting fish oil from Western Sahara into the EU - will be empty.
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Here is the Key Bay inside the port of Fécamp24.01 - 2017
Beautiful images of a vessel with an ugly cargo; fish oil taken illegally from an occupied land; the Key Bay in the port of Fécamp.Read more
Why the Key Bay imports are not in accordance with EU law23.01 - 2017
This morning, the Key Bay tanker delivered a shipment of fish oil from occupied Western Sahara to France. But why does that potentially violate EU regulations?Read more

Key Bay just outside of port of Fécamp22.01 - 2017
The vessel carrying fish oil from occupied Western Sahara is about to enter its port of destination, after a delay of at least two days.Read more
Key Bay to arrive in France while complaints to be filed 18.01 - 2017
On 20 January at 5 PM, the vessel Key Bay is set to arrive in the north of France. Polisario is filing complaints vis-a-vis French and EU authorities, asking them to act.Read more

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Morocco occupies the major part of its neighbouring country, Western Sahara. Entering into business deals with Moroccan companies or authorities in the occupied territories gives an impression of political legitimacy to the occupation. It also gives job opportunities to Moroccan settlers and income to the Moroccan government. Western Sahara Resource Watch demands foreign companies leave Western Sahara until a solution to the conflict is found.
Report: COP22 controversy - Moroccan green energy used for plunder


At COP22, beware of what you read about Morocco’s renewable energy efforts. An increasing part of the projects take place in the occupied territory of Western Sahara and is used for mineral plunder, new WSRW report documents.
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The Western Sahara oil curse


Big oil’s interest in occupied Western Sahara has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Some companies are now drilling, in complete disregard of international law and the Saharawi people’s rights. Here’s what you need to know.
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On 17 February 2013, in a mockery of justice, a Moroccan military court condemned 25 Saharawi citizens to shockingly tough prison sentences. Help us to release the Gdeim Izik 25. News Archive 2016 News Archive 2015 News Archive 2014 News Archive 2013 News Archive 2012 News Archive 2011 News Archive 2010 News Archive 2009 News Archive 2008 News Archive 2007 News Archive 2004-2006

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