Member of WSRW arrested by Moroccan police in occupied Western Saharajoannakristina_610.jpg
20.04 - 2014 10:00
Joanna Allan (UK) and Kristina Nygaard (USA) were arrested yesterday, 19 April, by the Moroccan police at a checkpoint in El Aaiun, occupied Western Sahara. Joanna Allan is a board member of WSRW.
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Clear message from Saharawis: Kosmos, leave Western Sahara!20.04 - 2014
Yesterday evening, dozens of Saharawis gathered in Zaragoza, Spain, to protest against Kosmos Energy - the American oil company that has announced it will commence to drill for oil in occupied Western Sahara later this year.Read more
Letter from Elfayda to Kosmos Energy15.04 - 2014
"Dear chairman of Kosmos Energy. Today I tried to film a friend holding a banner objecting to your company’s activities in my occupied country, Western Sahara. The Moroccan police responded by hitting me. Here you see how my eye looked like afterwards. How should we protest against your presence in our country?", asked 18 year old Elfayda Khayya from Boujdour in a letter to the chairman of Kosmos today.Read more

WSRW calls on Security Council to speak out on Kosmos oil hunt10.04 - 2014
WSRW has appealed to the members of the UN Security Council to support UN monitoring of human rights and natural resources exploitation in occupied Western Sahara. Read more
Saharawis marching against Kosmos Energy in occupied Sahara29.03 - 2014

Saharawis demonstrated 26 February against Kosmos Energy's oil plans in occupied Western Sahara. Find high resolution images here.
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Saharawis continue to protest Kosmos' oil plans in Western Sahara20.03 - 2014

The people of Western Sahara continue to speak out against US oil firm Kosmos Energy's plans to drill in their occupied homeland in October 2014.
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Saharawi government awards new oil exploration block 19.03 - 2014
The Saharawi government has today announced that it has awarded a new oil and gas exploration block to UK-based Red Rio Petroleum Ltd. Read the full press release here.Read more
Kosmos: get out of Western Sahara!19.03 - 2014
Saharawis have a clear message for the US Oil company Kosmos Energy, that has announced its plans to drill for oil in occupied Western Sahara in October this year.Read more

Supplier to controversy rig withdraws further service 17.03 - 2014
A company that installed key equipment of the Atwood Achiever told Norwegian broadcaster today it would never had taken on the assignment had they known the vessel would be used in Western Sahara. It has withdrawn from commitments to deliver service to the rig while in the territory.Read more
WSRW requests answers from Kosmos14.03 - 2014
WSRW has asked Kosmos Energy to demonstrate how it has obtained the consent of the Saharawi people for its activities offshore Western Sahara. The US oil firm plans to start drilling for oil in October this year.Read more

This week: Kosmos opening base in occupied territory fish_market_boujdour_610_200.jpg
14.03 - 2014
Morocco's hunt for oil in the territory it has occupied keeps moving ahead. According to Upstream Online today, their partner Kosmos Energy is this week opening a base in Western Sahara for its offshore operation.
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9 detained, threats of jail if demonstrating against EU fisheries14.03 - 2014
A peaceful protest by Saharawi fishermen in the El Aaiun harbour this week was broken up by the Moroccan police. Nine fishermen were taken to the police station for hours of questioning, and threatened with harder punishment if they were ever to protest the EU fisheries again.Read more
People in Boujdour frustrated over Kosmos plans13.03 - 2014
Check out this image from yesterday. Saharawis in Western Sahara are increasingly frustrated over the US oil company Kosmos Energy's plans to drill in the occupied territory of Western Sahara on behalf of the occupying power Morocco.Read more

Transparently unethical: Western Saharan melons are not from Morocco11.03 - 2014
An example of doing the wrong thing the right way: Swiss supermarket chain Migros still imports from occupied Western Sahara, but is at least honest about it to its customers. Read more
Kosmos and Atwood: obstacles to peace in Western Sahara10.03 - 2014
The US company Kosmos Energy is going to drill in Western Sahara for the first time since the Moroccan occupation. In six months time, it might be too late to stop the company.Read more

Canadian company Agrium claims to follow law, silent on howcomeagrium.jpg
06.03 - 2014
Agrium Inc, the Canadian company that started importing phosphate rock from occupied Western Sahara just a few months ago, claims to have both the law and the principles of corporate responsibility on its side.
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Green problems for French energy company Greensolver?05.03 - 2014
French energy firm Greensolver has agreed to cooperate on Morocco’s solar and wind projects. WSRW has asked them to clarify whether their work will be confined to Morocco proper, or will also cross the border into occupied Western Sahara.Read more
EU Commission fails to address Western Saharan conflict minerals05.03 - 2014
A law proposed by the European Commission on responsible sourcing of minerals has been watered down to apply only to imports of processed and unprocessed tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold. Accordingly, it will not include phosphate rock – occupied Western Sahara's white gold that Morocco is profiteering on.Read more

Kosmos announces drilling in October21.02 - 2014
US oil firm Kosmos Energy plans to start exploration drilling in occupied Western Sahara in October or November this year, writes Upstream Online today.Read more
WSRW asks Cairn Energy to stay out of Western Sahara21.02 - 2014
WSRW has asked Cairn Energy to reconsider its involvement in occupied Western Sahara. Through its partnership with American oil firm Kosmos Energy, Cairn will take part in further exploration works in the territory, including exploratory drilling.Read more

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Morocco occupies the major part of its neighbouring country, Western Sahara. Entering into business deals with Moroccan companies or authorities in the occupied territories gives an impression of political legitimacy to the occupation. It also gives job opportunities to Moroccan settlers and income to the Moroccan government. Western Sahara Resource Watch demands foreign companies leave Western Sahara until a solution to the conflict is found.
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